Monday, August 30, 2010

Malta: Traveling in the Mediterranean

Planning a Trip to Malta

I am planning a trip to Valletta, the tiny UNESCO world heritage capital city of the island of Malta. Valletta is largely untouched by tourism, and features beautiful architecture, a rich history and an excellent local cuisine.
I looked around online for rental holiday apartments and these two caught my attention.

Maison La Vallette
+356 7948 8047
from $100 per night, sleeps two

The decor is a mix of Maltese baroque style and bespoke designer furniture, and seems to be the perfect base to explore this city and island.

The other apartment is also a 16th-century townhouse in the traditional honey-colored stone that is so prevalent in the city. Simple design, with good classic taste and charm.

The Valletta G-House
07813 988827
from £500 per week, sleeps 2


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