Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Med Food and Travel - Aeolian Islands


The Raya hotel on the small Sicilian island of Panarea is renowned as one of the best “cult” hotels in the world. It's the creation of Myriam Beltrami and Paolo Tilche, who moved to Panarea in the 1960's.

The Raya received a 2004 award for “best hotel in the Mediterranean”, and is a prized destination for a small group of informed visitors who keep coming back. It's an informal place, perfect for enjoying nature and relaxing. But there's fun to be had; the hotel has its own private club and boutique, and there are a few restaurants and bars on the island.

Panarea is one of the volcanic Aeolian Islands off the north-east coast of Sicily, and offers delicious seafood, local cuisine and amazing views of the surrounding Aeolian Islands and the active Stromboli volcano.

Getting there is not the easiest thing, but only adds to the charm and ensures that the island does not become a tourist trap. I recommend catching a flight to Naples (which is the nearest airport) and then taking the Hydrofoil from Naples onto Panarea (around 4.30 hours). For more information, visit

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(photos by Hotel Raya and Adriano Bacchella)

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  1. Great island but nothing beats Malta! more on Malta please...



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